Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fried Egg Sandwiches

Gray and cold today...what's new (that's a statement, not really a question.)

Today was a "get some stuff done day" on the farm. Had to drag the hay feeder from three acres away (up hill) to the barn for winter feeding. Had to help Nic start staining the siding for his cabin. Had to scratch the cow. She is pregnant and apparently feels itchy...I remember that feeling. Had to buy feed. Had to take Wizard of Oz, this year's herd sire, home. Oz had begun jumping the fence. Wizards are funny that way. It seems he was bored with his over-sized buck suite. Anyway, it appears that he has "settled" the whole group, and his magic is no longer required. We made a significant dent in all of the above. Some is actually completed. I think the cow will need scratched again before it is over.

The beautiful white dog pictured is, well, "In the dog house." I awoke to what looked like manna (or at least how I have always pictured manna) lying on the pasture. Nope, it was wool. I tasted it to be certain that it did not melt in my mouth or taste sweet like honey, ha ha, jus' kiddin'. The culprit - Gus, who with his girl/mate/sidekick Bo-Peep, is the guardian of the herd, which is now part flock. The sheep, it seems, have now learned that they may not look at Gus's food, approach the gate where he feeds, or for that matter, socialize with his goats. I'm sure in time it will all change. They will become his sheep. Thank heavens I had sense enough *rare* to bring home a small flock. They really needed the social support.

The egg picture is a symbol of tonight's supper. For all of the expense and time that goes into this smallhold, that picture is the silver lining. No matter how soon the money runs out before the pay period is done, no matter how much you over spent at Christmas, on the nights that you just don't feel like cooking, there will be fried egg sandwiches.

Nothing seems to bad, and no day seems to have been too hard, when you have a fried egg sandwich.

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