Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chicken Liver Pate' and Lamb

Too cold to be outside today. What to do with all of those chicken livers? Pate' ! I haven't tasted it yet, it is cooling, but I made sure there is enough onion and garlic in it to cover all other flavors. It was sure easy enough to make. There are still forty two little chicken hearts in the freezer. I think the catfish should like them on our hooks this spring, the gift that keeps on giving.

Our guardian dog, Gus, turned rogue in the wee hours today. After many days of acceptable sheep behavior he caught and killed one, and wounded another. We are very sad. He was grumpy because his goats were staying under the porch to stay warm, he was grumpy because he was not with Bo-Peep (who is in season,) and it was night time, when he is most on the offensive. He just hasn't learned that the sheep are not interlopers. So the sheep are going to have to be confined to a smaller yard where he can sniff and acclimate to them through the fence. In a couple of weeks we will start some assimilation exercises and watch more closely. Oh the lessons we have yet to learn.

We made the best of a bad situation and our chicken helpers returned to help us butcher the lamb. They recently all attended the "Buck Skinner's Ball." There they learned skinning and tanning techniques along with several other useful skills. For their services they received half of the meat.

We are all still enjoying memories of our Sunday chicken festivities. It is a nice day that leaves such pleasant residual memories in its wake. I am sorry to say that today will not be one of those.


  1. Are those rice crispy treat points that you dip the pate in????

  2. Yes, there are some food combinations that only a true gourmet can imagine. The taste of liver and the crunching of the crispies..mmmm *wink*


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