Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Teat, Another Dollar

Here we go! We can now legally sell our milk!...for pets. It's kind of anticlimactic I know, but still, maybe we can get these goats to pay for themselves.

After a simple application process and having our label approved (and paying $75 for the year) we are in business. We are having a graphic designer create an "aesthetic" for our label. Not a picture, heavens no! Not a logo, uh uh. It is an aesthetic. Something that, as she says, "Doesn't show the person what they expect to see, but draws them in." I believe what folks expect to see are flies and goat poop, the things that a barn always has. Here's where it gets tricky, we are going to show them a goat in a super hero's cape. Yup, that's Jen's first idea. Our slogan is "I make milk (that's the goat speaking). What's your super power?" Genius. I hope it works, because this year the flies are numerous enough to lift the whole operation off the pasture and carry it away... and the poop, we've got some.

I'll let you know if it works.

Want to buy some milk?

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  1. i love your milk. Nice and creamy. Goat milk has soo many benefits. Turned out nice in my handmade soap bars also. gourmetsoapboutique


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